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Dali Opticon 1 review by What HiFi

Small but enthusiastic. Not an excerpt from Ronnie Corbett’s lonely-hearts ad, but our take on Dali’s brand new Opticon 1 speakers.

A “future Ikon” that borrows technology from Dali’s Epicon and Rubicon series, these standmount speakers have been teased more over the last couple of months than a bed-wetter on a school camping holiday.



Getting our first proper look, we like what we see. They are little, but tidy – ideal if you’ve only a little room with which to play. And beautifully finished, too.

Remove the front grille and you’ll find a mid/bass driver of wood fibre, which is the material Dali uses for its more expensive speakers, and no dust cap. The random structure of the wood fibre, as well as producing a rich sound, stops build-up of internal resonance.

At first glance, this looks like a sealed box design, but peek round the back above the recessed speaker terminals and you’ll spot a small reflex port. Essentially, Dali has thought quite a lot here about the build.

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Surround Sound or Stereo?

Often I’ll meet clients who say that they want surround sound. After probing further I realise that they don’t know what surround sound is. Fair enough. Surround sound is simply what’s been sold to them. They get bombarded with advertising touting surround sound, and it gets promoted very well in the movie theaters right before the picture starts. You may have seen this. THX, a company involved in establishing surround sound standards, runs strikingly bold and clear sound clips coming from all around the theater, or maybe
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Introducing JAMO

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