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Whats up with Watts – How much power do you need?

Amplifier power is measured in watts, as in “100 watts per channel,” but what does that really mean? Do all 100 watt per channel receivers deliver 100 watts? And what about those “1000 watt” home theater in a box systems? Are they more powerful than 2,000 A/V receivers? And what about high-end 100 watt per channel high-end power amps? Are all watts created equal? I don’t think so! read more…

The History of Surround Sound

Surround Sound Speaker Setup Diagram - Official AVR147 Documentation Provided by Harman International - Used With PermissionEver since Stereophonic sound became popular in the 50’s the race has been on to create the ultimate home listening experience. Even as far back as the 1930’s,experiments with surround sound were conducted. In 1940, Walt Disney incorporated his innovativeFantasound surround sound technology in order to totally immerse the audience in both the visual and audio sensations of his animation achievement, Fantasia.

Although “Fantasound”, and other early experiments in surround sound technology could not really be duplicated in the home environment, that didn’t limit the quest by recording engineers for both music and film to develop processes that would eventually result in the surround sound formats that are enjoyed in home theaters all around the world today. read more…

Polk Approaches Outdoor Speaker Design with Atrium Sat 30 and Sub 10 Models

Polk Audio today announced its new Atrium outdoorspeaker system, which combines Polk Audio soundwith a visual design that adapts into any exterior landscape.

1002.PolkAtriumSatSub30.JPGThe Atrium Sat 30 resembles an outdoor light fixture in shape and style. The satellite can be mounted in the ground, on a deck or gazebo, or even suspended from a porch or cabana ceiling, and feature cosmetics that allow them blend into virtually any outdoor landscape design, while included mounting accessories such as a security ground spike and pendant hanger provide maximum placement options.

The Atrium Sub 10 subwoofer is shaped like a plant stand or pedestal table, and is robust enough to be used as such all year round. Both the satellites and subwoofer are constructed from sealed, weatherproof designs, with stainless steel and brass hardware that will deliver years of weatherproof service. read more…

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